Roasted pepper & aubergine swirls

Aubergines & roasted peppers are a match made in heaven. And they both love parsley. A lot.

There are tons of possible combinations. Still just the two of these put together make such a delicious bite and all I did here was helping the sweet roasty flavours of red pepper and richness of aubergines with a bit of seasoning. So this is not really a recipe, more of an idea. A beautiful one that is.

What do you need for about 12 swirls:

  • 2 mid sized aubergines
  • 8-10 roasted sweet red peppers – try those gorgeous long and lean pimentos
  • a handful of parsley
  • olive oil
  • salt

Step 1.

  • Cut the aubergines in thin long slices, lay them on a tray or a backing paper, sprinkle with salt and leave them for at least 1 hour, overnight is fine too. This process makes them soft and tastier as all possible bitterness from the seeds disappears.
  • Peal the peppers and cut long slices about 3cm wide.
  • Now comes the rolling and swirling. Place each pepper cut onto an aubergine slice, if needed cut the aubergine slice in half still leaving it wider than the pepper piece. Roll the two loosely and place in a muffin tray to form the outer ring of the swirl. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go all the way. Now make the second roll and place it inside the first one to fill the empty space and cover any gaps if the first one wasn’t long enough. Don’t put any oil in the tray we’ll do that later.
  • Huh, it’s easier done than explained here, promise 🙂

Step 2

  • Make the dressing: finely chop the parsley, add a pinch of salt and a couple of spoons of olive oil depending on the quantity of the parsley, it should look saucy.
  • Than sprinkle some on top of each swirl, put in the oven at 200C for about 15min and voila!



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