Raw vegan carrot & tangerines cake

Cake for breakfast anyone? Yes, this one can be served for breakfast, a healthy snack or just as a good old dessert. It’s raw, it’s vegan, gluten and sugar free and full of yummy goodness. I made it here in a bundt cake pan and it can be also made as a proper layered cake or a lot of sweet little cupcakes. And the best thing is it’s so simple and quick to make you’ll love it.


What you need:

The base

  • 250g finely chopped raw carrot (about 4-5 smaller ones)
  • freshly squeezed juice of 2 tangerines
  • 20 pitted fresh dates
  • 3 big fairly full spoons of firm coconut oil
  • 250g rolled oat flakes
  • 150g wallnuts
  • 1 vanilla stick

How to make it:

Put all the ingredients in a food processor and blend it all well. As the quantity is too much for my processor I did it in two parts: first blend the carrots, walnuts and tangerine juice, and than dates, oats, coconut oil and fresh vanilla seeds, and mixed it all in a big bowl. The cake should be smooth and thick and all the ingredients well blended. Coconut oil and dates will connect the ingredients and the cake will harden some more is it cools down. Spread it evenly in mold(s) and cool it well for some 15 minutes in a freezer or 30 minutes in a fridge. If you are making it as a traditional layered cake, cool the first layer than add the cream and cool some more until stiffens and than continue adding layers and cream making sure each is cooled and stiffened. If you are not serving it immediately, you can deep freeze it and take it out some 15 to 30 minutes before you pour the sauce over it and cut it.

Sauce or cream filling:

This sauce stiffens a lot as it cools down, so it can be made thick as a cream or runny as a pour over sauce depending on the amount of fresh juice you put in it .

  • 250g presoaked cashews (soaked overnight or cooked for 10 minutes until softened)
  • sweetener of your choice, I used agave syrup. The base of the cake is not very sweet so if you’d like you can make the sauce a bit sweeter
  • freshly squeezed juice of 2 to 4  tangerines, depending on a thickness you want
  • 1 vanilla stick beans
  • zest of 2 tangerines

Just blend it all well and pour over the cake. Or make the cream layers, or top cupcakes with it whatever you like, just have fun.

A few options to play with this recipe:

  • replace tangerines with oranges
  • add some finely chopped dried fruits in the base, like mangoes or pineapples
  • add shredded coconut to the cake base

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