Homemade peanut & almond butter

A single secret to making great homemade nut butters is good old patience my friends. Which comes easy for all of you who have mastered this virtue, but for the rest of us it can be really nerve racking. At least until you somehow manage to last trough the process and finally see that beautifully rich, creamy, shiny perfect texture.

I’ve already written about the countless times I completely ruined a perfectly fine batch of nuts just because I tried to “help” my processor by sticking the spatula inside only to push a little bit the batter that got stuck at one end… Don’t ever do that specially if the processor is still on. It will eat the spatula and laugh into your face for sticking your nose into its business. Instead just breathe. Let it go. Go do your nails, read a book, dance, have a cup of coffee… anything that makes you happy and makes you forget the processor doing its magic turning simple peanuts into a sweet creamy dreamy rich deliciousness.

And once you master this, you are ready for the next step in fine tuning the texture from a rustic thick paste to a delicate silky one, just as you wish.

How to make:

– 500g peanuts or almonds
– a pinch of sea salt to sprinkle on top
I use raw ones soaked overnight in 1l water and a bit of salt dried in the oven and roasted slightly – low heat with a fan on. This process “activates” the nuts and seeds making them easier to digest and take all the nutrients.
I guess you can use already roasted unsalted ones if you want to shorten the process.
Pop them in the processor turn it on and just let it do its thing. Though it may not look like it, there is a point in time when the nuts start releasing their natural oils and turn into a shiny, thick paste. And you’ll know that is the moment so worth waiting for.

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