Beet hummus

An amazing twist to the original hummus recipe. The beets complement the hummus adding some nice sweetness and freshness to it, and oh, yes, that gorgeous colour!

This one is very simple to make and will last up to 5 days in your fridge. Just take the basic hummus recipe as a base and replace lemon juice with 2 mid size oven baked organic beets.

To bake the beets, give them a thorough wash, leave the skin on, wrap in a piece of foil and bake for some 25 min at 200C oven. Once they cool down, remove the stem and the skin will easily glide off. I even don’t use any knife to peel them, just take the skin off using my fingers. Though you want to wash your hands immediately after if you don’t want to walk with some pinkish fingers after 🙂

Beets won’t give you just a joyful pop of colour. This is some serious energy and mood boosting food to help get through those gloomy and cold autumn and winter days. Just one serving of beets a day will provide that extra stamina to go an extra mile in your physical activities and energize a brain for more clarity and focus.

Beets are known to stabilize blood pressure, keep the blood vessels and heart fit and healthy, revitalize the liver helping it fight toxins, boost immune system, work magic on the digestion system and help weight reduction.

And all that while tasting sweet and yummy. So have fun and enjoy the beets my friends!



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