Vegan miso delicious and easy – two ways to make a miso soup

This homemade miso soup is a whole new level of a comfy delicious taste. You know that food that feels like warmest of hugs, feather cushions and midnight stargazing 🙂 Yeah, well, to me at least. The best thing about it is that miso makes one delicious and well balanced breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It’s really very simple and easy to make. You can even stock the broth and veggies in the freezer and than have it ready in a matter of minutes whenever you feel you need a hug 😉 Here I’m bringing two different ways to make it, actually two different finishes as the base is the same. Now, this is not an old school miso at all, firstly cause its a vegan version, so no fish based broth or dashi, only veggies my friends.

Ingredients you’ll need for 6-8 servings:

  • 750g-1kg root veggies for the stock, I use whatever is at hand, carrots, parsnip, parsley, celery, leaks, bamboo root
  • a hand full of seaweed, I use different ones, wakami and nori most often, just pick the ones that do not require long to cook
  • 2 tbsp organic miso paste, white or dark whatever you find just make sure there are no artificial additives inside
  • 70g tofu
  • sea salt

And these are the basics. We’ll play with some extra ingredients later.

Let’s cook:

First make a strong veggy broth. I like my soup with all the vegetables so I finely slice it. But you can also have a clear miso with a drained broth in which case you don’t have to bother with veggy shapes. Anyway, pop the veggies in a pot, add about 2.5L water and have it simmer for at least 30 min. Medium to low heat my friends. I like my veggies crunchy not sad and soggy, so that’s the reason for so much of it, you get a strong broth with minimal cooking time. Once the broth is done you’ll probably want to take out some of the veggies.

Mix well miso paste with about 250ml of broth and add it to the soup. Add the seaweeds. Leave to simmer for just a few more minutes and it’s ready to serve. Add diced tofu and spring onions if you like.

The second version is made with a glazed tofu and rice noodles

The basics for the soup are the same. For this one, when adding seaweeds add the noodles, it takes minutes to cook.

Make a glazed tofu:

In a bowl mix 3tbsp tamari (or if you don’t mind the gluten soy sauce), 1tbsp raw honey, sesame seeds black or white, a pinch of finely grated ginger. Stir fry it in a hot wok for a minute. Than just add to the soup before serving.


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